Adel Andalibi

My work briefly is about paying attention to "attention". No matter if I am wearing my hats of an anthropologist, somatic educator or performing artist, I love engaging with the question of how we live our attention and how/why we do what we are doing. My research and teaching constantly inquires the details of the unique or common journey we embark to think, feel and act the way we do as human beings in the world we live in. In particular I am interested in the kinetic and visual aspects of emotional communication. I listen to people's tension and attention. For doing so I use wide variety of approaches of inquiry from social sciences and somatic psychology to ancient/contemporary somatic and spiritual practices.
I am founder of Here & Now Institute, taught at Universities of Tehran, Peking and Osaka and I am a board member at Commission on Visual Anthropology at IUAES.

My most recent work in Somatics is what I will offer for 16th Annual Body Mind Centering Conference: "Water rituals as somatic practice" July 2017 

Also some of my recent time is spent on developing a bodywork/performance modality I have devised, which I like to call "Tuning Touch" (not the work but the name inspired by beloved teacher Lisa Nelson's Tuning scores)

On a given day of a week, I am either teaching around China, occasionally Japan and Taiwan  (Authentic movement/contact improvisation), or seeing a private client (Hakomi or Tuning work), or involved with ethnographic/narrative research, with or without camera at Sensory Ethnography Lab located in the beautiful historical  Gumengyu's residence at No.13,  Heizhima hutong Beijing. In between and during all of these my brain is flooded by the caffein from Taiwanese tea or dopamine from a contact improvisation jam. Drinking:No, cooking Yes. Animals: Yes. Politics: I hope not but a lot.

Useful approaches and Disciplines I have studied that colors my way of working or being includes but not limited to:

Hakomi method
Authentic Movement
body Mind Centering
Feldenkraise method

Vipassana meditation, 
Kashmiri Yoga
Rasa Sahana
Pranic healing

Physical theatre and Clown work
Contact Improvisation
Stanislavsky's Acting realism method
Socratic method

Larger scopes:
Linguistic philosophy of Wittgenstein
Dao De Jing
My cat is really good with all of these


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