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INTIMA: Authentic Movement and Tuning Touch weekend

INTIMA workshop with Adel Andalibi is three days mindful flow of ceasing/unceasing meetings with oneself. meetings  that seamlessly integrates the discipline of Authentic Movement (an eyes closed movement practice with a witness) and Tuning Touch (A note-book of touch tunes for audible touch performance). Each is an spontaneous way of meeting which it's integrative approach to somatic discovery and presence, facilitates energetic balance and flow, brings awareness to embodied experience, and tunes the bodymind to find greater space.

"Body"(Physical space) and "Me"(Individual/soul/psyche) speak to each other through sensation and imagination. They are both hidden and revealed by each other. Tuning them together is the art of coming to presence, to home. 

Authentic Movement will serve as a framework for this workshop. In our moving, we will be especially attentive to what brings us to a deep sense of home in our bodies. In our witnessing we will tune our awareness to recognize when we find ourselves in the movements of another.

WHAT the activities look like:
Respectful meetings with self and others in various forms including:
• witness practices: inner and outer, solo and in group
• stillness: both alone in silence and in meditative interactions with others
• inquiry and expression: in dyad and group experiments with movement, breath, sound, touch, games.

sharing & reflection in large or small group. Watch a video

WHAT it feels like: An spectrum of emotions in a context of respect and loving presence.

No previous experience required. Willingness to participate and study your experience in mindfulness is required. you’re willing to explore getting into a calm, inward-focused state and be relaxed enough to allow experiences arise. You are willing to practice creating a safe container for peers in an state of openness and presence.

HOW to prepare: you will receive a welcome letter for preparation (around 2 hours homework)

Fri 12th May 7-10pm, Sat/Sun 13-14th May 9:30-5pm
We intend to keep the weekend as a container for an ongoing journey, it helps to keep the times after and before the class hours available for integration and focus.


If you haven't worked with Adel before, please email with some info about your background and interest, and by whom you have been invited.
Please register with your name, phone number, and email address. Participants May share the space rental costs among themselves.