Sensory Ethnography Lab is a tiny think tank at Here & Now which offers ethnographic research insights for design research, social innovation, service design and strategic communication. Our research has a focus on sensory aspects of human experience/attention. We serve research and consultancy agencies, as well as exceptional enterprises.

Selected previous research programs:

  • Anthropology of Body: ethnography of body modification practices among young Chinese; for Reflection Consultancy
  • Anthropology of Aging in Shanghai
  • Anthropology of transport: ethnographic research on the usage of electric vehicles for the elderly
  • Anthropology of Education: ethnography of teenager's everyday experience in China second tier cities.
  • Ethnography of Chinese Muslim family businesses, for CASS (Chinese academy of social science)
  • Anthropology of the first sight: the Lijiang city; for CASS (Cinese Academy of Social Science)