Corporate Partnerships:

  • Research based Solutions:

We partner with you to identify certain challenges in your enterprise and accompany you to get ready for choosing and receiving tailored solutions. Learn more

  • Storytelling for Enterprises: Dramaturgy and Anthropology for delicate communications

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Corporate Training buffet:

  • The Zen of Leadership:

A cluster of workshops to acquire the knowledge and skill set to work effectively in different types teams. Learn more

  • Team Coaching:

We facilitate your group communications to innovation via photo coaching, open space technology and expressive improvisation

  • Insightful Team buildings

We create simulation games and experiential learning activities. Tailored to your conditions and goals: For an example see QITACHITA


Private sessions:

For mangers or lay individuals, sessions happen in an state of mindfulness, guded by the principles of Hakomi method, based on requirement and how your journey is unfolding, the experience may integrate one or all of these appoches:

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