DSAR is the art of attuning to the organic self and the organic environment.

DSAR helps to bring us back to the experience of biological synchrony, emotional attunement, social equity, and transpersonal presence. It supports us to recognize our wholeness.

By shifting attention to the present moment and mapping the environment with senses, we get in tune with life. When our underlying biology and internal rhythms become more harmonious and find their organic movements, a natural expansion of capacity occurs.

The work of “Dynamic Somatic Attuenment and Repatterining” (DSAR) is in essence about relationship and connection. DSAR is a form of somatic education and contemplative movement therapy developed by Adel Andalibi Phd. that integrates ancient and modern ways of interpersonal mindfulness,  skilled touch, movement, breath, active imagination, improvisation and empathic dialogue to help people of all ages and abilities to relieve their own stress, find centered expressiveness, eliminate unnecessary suffering, and cultivate nourishment in the social field. While DSAR is aligned with the cutting edge contemporary neuroscience and frontlines of trauma treatment research, it leaps ahead of science and it that sense is a work of art. 

Dynamic:it comes through unceasing movement sessions and dance. Each activity is weaved into and built upon to the previous one. the whole session is one peace. As life itself it doesn't stop.

Somatic: it is body based and contemplative. It owes to the Hakomi method of sensorimotor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, discipline of Authentic movement asian contemplative movement practices.

Attunement: it is relational. while in line with contemporary attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology. It draws its power from Sufi, and Shaivist yogic practices.

Repatterining: in it’s ultimate form is transformative. it re-patterns the embodied experience of how we relate to self and the world.

DSAR approach can be experienced in the form of group training, group therapy, or private sessions.