Natural Education Program

Educating hearts, Inspiring brains

1. Play-Space: Spontaneous parent, Attuned Child

Activities are meant to provide opportunities for eye contact, shared enjoyment, playful interaction, and nurturing touch. They are meant to allow the parent and child to develop memories of positive interactions, encourage trust, and allow them to relax with one another through creative movement and games.  focuses on the positive aspect of the child and call the parent to do the same thing. This particular workshop is different from other types of family therapies or trainings that are problem focused. Building up the parent-child relationship itself will lead to other changes in both the child and the parent. 

Activities and groups are age sensitive and the duration of sessions are planned based on age group. Depend on duration of the event, there are parallel session blocks (child only, parent only, and parent-child) create the schedule of the day.

2. Nourishing the Child within and without: (4-10 days)

Our love for our children offer a healing journey into our Self. This healing journey takes great self-awareness, openness and curiosity. There are parts of us left in our childhood that need attention, nourishment and understanding. They are waiting to be revisited, rediscovered - seen and nourished. We will discover the barrier for nourishment and the language your child’ heart prefers to receive love, as well as the language of your heart. For longer workshops Based on 60 fundamental nourishing parental mindsets, 60 lessons of parental relationships designed and practiced.

3. Conscious Parenting: Mindful dialogue with the Child(10 days) 

Have you ever thought, "OH NO, I sound JUST like my mother." And you SWORE you'd NEVER do that? We get into automatic pilot parenting modes we picked up from past generations. Conscious parenting about having a choice and coming out of autopilot. We learn how to create a heart based and emphatic communication with children, based on DSAR method, Hakomi method, Nonviolent communication and Dance.

5. Developing a growth mindset: decision skills for teens and parents

Teenagers start to make more decisions by themselves, and different decision styles creates conflict with parents. This program include parallel sessions for parents and teens to learn about decision making and personality types, share bond and joy together, and support the kids the learn the skills to be more happy and successful. Topics about time management, confidence, relation, communication skills can be the focus of the training.